Legend has it that at the beginning of time the gods and primordials were fighting a war to determine who would rule eternity. The emnity was so great that when the primordial Thrazul and the god Ahai fell in love, both sides declared that thy had to die. However, the pair persisted in their romance and their children became the gensai and inevitably they were slain.

However the gennsai, who believe in this myth, take pride in their lineage saying that the love of Thrazul and Ahai proves that rival forces can make peace, and although there will be consequences the gensai present themselves as proof that there is hope. With this philosophy the gensai have trained themselves to be negotiators and arbiters, that travel across the empire attempting to bring peace between enemies. They are separate from the Empire, and are regulated by their ruling body, the Chorum.


Due to the children's belief in harmony and their active desire to bring peace, they have formed an order of professional peace keepers who go to areas of conflict looking to make resolutions. The gensai see it as good fortune to be a member of this order and so the magistrates take their jobs very seriously. Likewise the standard of magistrates the title garners instant trust amongst most peoples, and the though that a magistrate would betray something or someone is unheard of. Magistrates are often employed as diplomats, peacekeepers and judges in controversial cases.


Like magistrates, gensai spiritspeakers believe in harmony, however their mission is more personal. These spiritspeakers focus on interpersonal interaction to help traumatised people find peace. Well trusted across the empire, they serve on all levels of society, criminals do not fret to confess to a spiritspeaker, nor do important members of state, and often the wealthy keep a personal spiritspeaker to look after their needs.

Guardians of the ChildrenEdit

Legend has it that when Thrazul and Ahai found out they were to be slain, they commanded their servants to protect their children. Today, a large force of elementals and angels patrol the city of Thrazhai keeping the peace. Pirates and more than one invading army have learnt the hard way that the Guardians do not share the Children's peaceful disposition. Some gensai have been known to take Guardians outside of Thrazhai on foreign missions for protection and even rarely when a gensai become corrupted they use them as minions against their enemies.