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Cold blustering planes, gnarled old forests and stony hills give the province of Crownsgift the perfect backdrop to its sinister history. Formerly it was ruled over by the Coven of The Twelve Crones, a sect of witches who held sway over the land until the expansion of the Empire. Naturally, Tarnaxys did not accept the authority of the witches and made it a part of Straymoor, to be administered by the House of Stravos and added to their holdings.

However it was only around half a millennium after the founding of the empire that the province came to be known as Crownsgift. After the fall of the Stravosian Dynasty, the holdings of the House of Stravos were split, with Crownsgift being granted to the lords who sheltered the Imperial Court and their armies in their citadel seat known as Mudershift while the teiflings lay a lengthy siege.

Also of note is the ruins of an ancient goblin kingdom that once stood here, with the ruins of misshapen holdfasts and monuments to dark gods standing beside the more recent ruined keeps and castles of the Stravosian Dynasty.

The Edge of The EmpireEdit

To the east of Crownsgift is the very edge of the Empire, and the Outplains and the Burned Path. To protect the land from goblin and orc raiders, a wall was built on the very edge atop a ridge of hills known as the Stonecloaks. A settlement was also created and fortified, known as Realmsend, which housed an entire imperial legion back in its day to defend against threats on the Outplains. This legion of verteran soldiers made up the Realmsguard. When Tarnaxys left however, he tore down a part of the wall to make way for his company leaving it veritably useless. Realms End on the other hand has remained a fortified outpost until just very recently when the last of the legion stationed there was recalled by the boy emporer.

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An Old Friend in Briar's Hollow (28/10/11)