The province of Elfswood is a gigantic forest, varying from swampy bogs to giant trees and rainforests. It is inhabitated by all types of fey, mainly gnomes and elves plus the wilder creatures of the Elfswood and is a place of life and beauty. The outskirts of the forest are open to the hunters of Crownsgift and there are a few human towns within its domain, however the deeper forests are only accesible to the elves and those who have their blessings. After the Feywar Elfswood gained a measure of indepenance and a large army of fey maruad through the forest looking for trespassers. Recently conflict has arisen between the dwarven logging enterprise, the Ironleaf Coster headed by Vorn Ironleaf and the inhabitants of the Elfswood over the felling of the forest.

Currently the Congress of Seasons governs the province.