The northern most province Frostpeaks is a frozen wasteland of snow capped mountains and icy forests and fields. This northern land has long been inhospitable with few thread bare settlements surviving in this barren land. The ruins of failed colonies built during the Age of Kings still remain. These efforts of colonisation not only failed due to desolate terrain and weather but also because of the large population of giants who live there. A self exiled remnant of the forces that fought during the dawn war; the giants have been there nearly since the begging of time.

Frostpeaks has only been a province for around two hundred years. After many centuries of throwing legion after legion of troops in vain efforts of conquest, Tysana V finally won the province. She did so by making the native minotaurs the rulers. They had dwelt in remote labyrinths and had long been the enemies of the giants and empire alike, yet when they were offered the benefits of imperial membership they surrendered. Since the integration of Frostpeaks into the Empire, the region has suffered under worsening weather. At first only the northernmost regions experienced the colder than average winters but as time has gone on the entire area has begun to experience what folks are calling the Eternal Winter. Inhibiting farmers, hunters, residents, travellers and the legions.