Once a noble house, yet now stripped of all titles and lands house stravos is more so a mercantile organization. The Stravos were allowed to keep their wealth after their inserection and today live in ways fit for lords, with extravagant houses, many servants and wonderous magic Items.Some fear with the recent instability that the Stravos may attempt to use their .considerable coin to concuct a second coup.


The ancestral holding of the Stravos strayhome holds the greatest ruins of its former rulers dynasty. Amongst the most impressive is the Imperial Palace, the Hellgate which while the Stravos ruled directly linked to the nine hells and the house of blood where the stravos sacrificed well over fifty thousand people to fulfill their bargin with asmodeous. The ruins of strayhome, and infact any ruins from that era are forbidden area's, those found upon the land are fined or imprisoned, for fear that the Stravos may try and re-activate some of these ruins. As of recently rumors claim that hooded figures are covorting within the ruins during night, carrying off pieces of the building and peforming dark rituals to re-aweken the magic of the ruins.

Hellborn Pact fragmentsEdit

The magical document which was signed by Asmodeous and Malfurion I remains in the mortal world today. Due to its powerful magical properties the pact could not be destroyed by conventional means. Instead the Imperial institutions decided that it must be split and the fragments kept in secret safe places. For even a tattered comer of the parchment could be used to partially re-write the document. Despite the dire consequences if one of these fragments were to get loose, some wealthy thrillseekers have had peaces of the pact stolen and added to their personal collections. If found by the right people the collecters would receive huge fines, if found by the wrong ones the fragments could mean the resigning of the pact.

Horned AllianceEdit

The homed alliance are an urban gang who fantasize about re-invoking the hellpact. They are based in Strayhome but scarely have the rescources to summon minor devils and launch expiditions to Stravos ruins looking for old artifacts. They also which to possess fragments of the hellborn pact, how they are going to get a hold of one they are waiting for an oppurtunity.