Sheer granite cliffs and steep rocky slopes define the province of Ironrange, the mountainous home of the dwarves. The most impressionable aspects of Ironrange are the mighty features built by dwarfish endeavours such as the cities, fortresses, roads and adqueducts carved directly out of stone. Another less obvious feature is its many caves which link down into the underdark. Although most of these are frought with danger, one system provides near perfect travel into the depths of the world. This thoroughfare allows for trade between the dwarves and the denizens of the underdark in times of peace, and in times of war the road is an anvenue for invasion, and so at the border of the dwarven kingdom a pair of mighty bronze doors can be shut closed to the underdark. However in recent times, the gates are more symbollic and are left open in this age of peace, after the dwarves defeated the drow in the shadowcave war, and the gates have remained open for a hundred years.