A wildchild from the Elfswood, only able to speak brokenly. Abandoned at birth in the forest, she was taken in and raised by wolves and lycanthropes. She went with the pack when they were seemingly chased from the Elfswood, although she was only young at the time, and carved a living from the outplains.

She left the pack accompanied by her faithful brother wolf, Char (their souls interconnected, allowing her to bring back his spirit and revive him at will), to seek a strange scent. The trail takes her to realmsend, where she arrives to get caught up in the false accusations against the party of the murder of (dammit,, what was his name?), and finds that Arthur Rageleaf was the one she was looking for. As they conduct their investigation, she discovers that the pack mother had been here all along, lending her protection to Arthur Rageleaf. The party only then visits her, and finds she and Galzug gone, apparently taken by Elfsbane. In their attempt to rescue the hostages, they storm Elfsbane's hideout only to be captured and dragged off to the Elfswood where they witness the murder of the pack mother and Galzug.

The pack will have its meat

Elfsbane (deceased)

Exidia Ironsmile