Current count: Approx. 104.

Arcion Silvermaple (Female Elf) Elderly Druid of Winterspire.
Avon Longmarch (Male Human) Realmsend drunk and veteran of the Fey war.
Bargos Redhands (Male Tiefling) Horned alliance agent.
Bavulda Fearclaw (Male Lycanthropic Shifter) Bodyguard of Milliam Hollowsulk.
Bencer Honourtaught (Male Human) Frader Wintershield's man servant.
Berric Broadblade (Male Human) Militaristic warlord of Knightsmeadow.
Byen (Doppleganger) Ironleaf mercenary.
Ceccala Outgraze (Female Human) Realmsend citizen who suffered from strange dreams.
Cele Turnwell (Male Human) Kidnapped Realmsend youth.
Cendina Shymaid (Female Hag) Publican at Briarshollow Witch's Nose
Cetyr Elfsbane (Male Human) Imperial League leader in Realmsend.
Cester Anchorgrip (Male Halfling) Quatra Flyfish's Anchor wielding bodyguard.
Cleedus Mudworth XVII (? ?) Member of the Mudworth Clan that was killed by a trap while accompanying Horvelius Farstroke.
Cleedus Mudworth XVIII (? ?) Porter at Bog Stones docks.
Cronda Fireby (Female Human) Realmsguard legonarie.
Constantinia Firescar (Female Dragonborn) Castellian of Realmsend, Tarnaxys Talons member.
'The Coward' (Male Human) High up Imperial military intelligance officer with a cowards brand on his face.
Dardan Dustclaw (Male Goblin) Hot food salesman in Crownhaven.
Diri Halfborn (Female Half-Elf) Ghost of Briarshollow.
Dodus Mudworth (? ?) Porter at Bog Stones Docks.
Doran Newcoin (Male Halfling) Wealthy Knightsmeadow merchant.
Drultha Shatterskull (Female Orc) Tribal warrior of Oathrock
Dwama Hardclub (Male Bullywug) Kwark Queenswarts Champion.
Ellicia Proudharp (Female Half-Elf) Bard and Information broker.
Elzan Dustclaw (Male Goblin) Shaman of the Dustclaw clan.
Essop Outgraze (Male Human) Realmsend sheperd with a young son.
Ettis Riverworth (Male Human) Knight and Sherriff of Bogstones.
Felthasyria Brightglade (Female Elf) Veteran of the fey war, owner of a huntsman supplies store in
Flofia Nettleheart (Female Abberation) One of the abberant Nettlehearts.
Frader Wintershield (Male Human) Ryman Wintershield's squire.
Gorlian Grimdance (Male Satyr) Inn keep of the Weeping Willow and first consort of the Queen of Winter.
Gana Godshammer (Female Dwarf) Princess of the Underflame Regancy.
Gorrian Safehome (Male Human) Realmsend Youth in love with Mytara Wintershield.
Gravis Lowscar (Male Tiefling) Waiter at the Scarred Scoundrel in Strayhome.
Grotan Soulmaw (Male War Devil) Devil Aspiring to become one of the nine princes of hell.
Guardian (Male Avian Ghost) Protecting spirit of the Well of Madness
Gulzug Shatterskull (Female Orc) Emissary to Realmsend from Oathrock.
Harbad Steeljaw (Male Halfling) Steel toothed henchman of Ustraken Bloodfin.
Ira Wintershield (Female Human) Castellian of Winterhold in Knightsmeadow.
Iral Dragonsbane (Male Human) Father of Cetyr Dragonsbane and head of the Resistance.
Izrala Bloodfang (Female Lycanthropic Human) Member of Wolfsmoon's pack.
Joran Wintershield (Male Human) Lord of Realmsend.
Josuvix Shadowlurk (Female Dragon) Purple dragon ally of the Whiteweb sydacite in Underflame.
Kaldracir Dampcloth (Male Human) Realmsguard Legionarre.
Karfa Killboss (Male Orc) Leader of the Fallcrest Porter's Guild.
Kastrom Icebreaker (Female Minotaur) Ryman Wintershields bodyguard.
Key (Warforged) Castellian of Fardeep gate.
Klana Golddew (Female Dwarf) Courtier and Defacto spouse of Vorn Ironleaf.
Kora Flamesling (Female Human) Javian Ilumnai mage obsessed with fire.
Kwark Queenswart (Female Bullywug) Leader of the Bully Wugs occupying Bogstones Avery.
Larrick Graveseed (Male Vampire) Courtier at Winterspire
Lodos Lawscowl (Male Human) Always scowling mercanry enforcer for the Fallcrest Porter's Guild.
Lucien Roadfoot (Male Tiefling) Tiefling merchant sceptical as to the existance of Hags.
Luck (Warforged) Captain of the Realmsend guard Seargant of the Realmsguard.
Lyfalia Witherbark (Female Elf) Black Clover druid, defacto sister of Twigbeard and Marked by ankle rune.
Lyticia Salttounge (Female Halfling) Henchman of Ustraken Bloodfin with a foul mouthed parrot.
Macamir Goldpalm (Male Gremlin) Ouplains information broker with a thing for gold.
Margran Mudergood (Male Dwarf) Mass murderer and war criminal.
Malfurion Strayvoice (Male Tiefling) Wealthy Stravossian Heir.
Milliam Hollowsulk (Female Human) Lady of Briarshollow
Modriella Coolforge (Female Vampiric Dwarf) Ascociate of Milliam Hollowsulk and the Coven of the Twelve Crones.
Mya Nettleheart (Female Human) Elderly matriach of Nettleheart family in Realmsend.
Mytara Wintershield (Female Tiefling) Bastard Daughter of Strapova Wintershield.
Nara Goodfriend (Female Human) Knight recruiter of the prestigous Golden legion.
Narth Bonecrush (Male Dwarf) Kora Flamesling's burnt and disfigured man servant.
Novo Alesmile (Male Halfling) Former propotier of Beersend.
Novric Stravos Stainblade (Male Tiefling) Horned alliance clan boss.
Oldran Anvilarm (Male Dwarf) Veteran of the Feywar and Realmsend blacksmith.
Odus Mudworth (? ?) Dock worker in Bogstones.
Oharn Foechoke (Male Half-Orc) Body guard of Karfa Killboss who uses rope for a weapon.
Oltran Warmsmile (Female Elf) Elderly ex priest of Realmsend.
Orphan King (Male Human) Young Well dressed leader of Orphans.
Quarta Flyfish (Female Halfling) Head of Bloodfin smuggling operations in Fallcrest.
Quianna Silkleaf (Female Dryad) Dryad in league with Ustraken Bloodfin.
Rayna Anvilarm (Female Dwarf) Daughter of Oldran Anvilarm.
Ryman Wintershield (Male Human) Heir to Realmsend and Knight.
Shoriath Darkfeather (Female Shadar-kai) Ravenkin sent to cleanse Winterglade.
Skarg Godshammer (Male Dwarf) Regant of the Underflame Regancy, aspect of Moradin.
Sorcia (Succubus) Propotier of the Scarred Scoundrel.
Sorjion Madsword (Male Vampiric Human) Mad former commander of the Realmsguard.
Strapova Wintershield (Female Human) Wife of Jorran Wintershield, Lady of Realmsend), has a bastard child, a tiefling.
Sweed Nettleheart (Male Human) Friend of Andrian Starblade and un-initiated member of the Nettleheart family.
Synari Puresoul (Male Deva) Official Priest of Realmsend.
Tarnax (Male Green Dragon) Leader of goblin warband against Realmsend.
Tavinia Spiderflask (Female Drow) Owner of the Blind Beholder and leader of the Whitewebs in Underflame.
Taymir Kingscloak (Male Half-Orc) Commander of the Realmsguard.
Tilly Daggerscold (Female Gnome) Realmsend pawnbroker and contact for the Arcane Cartel.
Thraxter (Male Blue Dragon) Cocky dragon member of the Blood fins.
Tollin Bloodfin (Male Halfling) Halfling Duelist and Heir of the Bloodfin Halflings.
Tristo Harpshine (Male Halfling) Bard who played at Briarshollow.
Thella Riverworth (Female Human) Lady of Bogstones.
Thror Alehoof (Male Minotaur) New clumsy and obnoxious publican of Bee/srsend.
Thrycarradir Haileye (Male Eladrin) Member of the Winterguard.
Tynon I Steelvow (Male Human) Erathian Emperor.
Ustraken Bloodfin (Male Halfling) Bloodfin Halfling patriach.
Vacqueil Frostgouge (Female Eladrin) Member of the Winterguard and friend of Joral Twigbeard.
Vebiath Autumnweep (Female Human) Kidnapped Realmsend Youth.
Vellow Greyscroll (Male Human) Retired Imperial Mages Guild member, hedge mage in Realmsend, father of Cid.
Vesta Alewreck (Female Human) Ex-member of the Fallcrest Guard.
Vorn Ironleaf (Male Dwarf) Logging magnate who is both head and namesake of the Ironleaf coster.
Ysarra Arrowswift (Female Human) Captain of the Crownhaven city patrol.
Vortiger Gravemist (Male Human) Realmsend Undertaker.
Vostrich Darkeye (Male Dwarf) Court Butcher and Head of Dwarven intelligence network.
Yona Nighteye (Female Human) Imperial Mage and Astronomer.
Yssara Arrowswift (Female Human) Captain of the Crownhaven dawn patrol.
Xendra Hayfarm (Female Human) Realmsend sheperd and guide.
Xiddia Ironsmile (Female Gnome) Arcane Cartel initiated member with a warforged face plate on her head.
Zoriene Quickstrike (Female Dragonborn) Lucien Roadfoot's bodyguard.