After receiving mail from the local orphan gang in Falkrest, the heroes learn that a branch of safehome is opening in Realmsend, and that the local priest has information for Artyr Rageleaf. The party attends the opening celebration, and learns that the Bishop of Baemut is sailing to meet Artyr and relieve him of his Hellpact piece in Strayhome. Following his associate, Antonius Hammerfist, they travel to the whistling wight, where they take a questionable coach driven by undead horses to the from Tiefling capital. However before they leave Malfurion tries to accost them, although the coach easily outruns them and in a matter of hours later the party finds themselves on the streets of Strayhome. After meeting with the friendly neighbourhood tiefling crime lord and Astromedes, a not quite insane wizard, they talk to Antonius's contact and discover that the Bishop is being excomunicated for leaving his post and is in danger, as Malfurion has been rallying the clans in order to seize the hellpact piece from him, and they ask for a paladin of Paelor, who enjoys killing whores and heresies, to ensure his safety.
When the bishop arrives, the party escorts him to a redecorated tiefling place of worship for the excommunication ceremony. However, after the ceremony is complete Malfurion and countless ruffians charge in and challenges Artyr to a fight to the death, with immunity included. They party proceeds to have its way with the intruders, and Artyr kills Malfurion in the duel. Grotan then whisks him away to the Nine Hells, and offers him the following deal, wander his halls and be tortured until he gives him the hellpact piece, or give him the hellpact piece now and become the prince of the mortal realm and meet his brother. Artyr takes the second option, and promising the party he will redeem himself through the speak through portal the Bishop of Paelor's men created. The Bishop of Baemut leaves, and beings to march his dragonborn army to the East, to resurrect Tarnaxys. (through the shadowfell?)