After Quora and her henchman Narth walked in with the accompanied by singed figures, they preceded to unviel a bloody bag containing the corpse of Zarcella. Without further ado, the party launched into the first course, assisted by Glin Devilcall and Beltarn Dualspell. Prismia was stuck down by the combined efforts of the auditor (name?), Lariel's wolf, Carri Ghosthat and Wildarrow finished her with a risidium tipped arrow. In the conflict, Marsh Stormwatcher tragically fell to Javian Alumni mages, much to the sadness of the party. After Quora fell, the Porters Guild arrived to help out the adventures, and Lodos Lawscowl helped the party deal with what was to come while (the strangler) was busy choking a Javian Mage.

A short rest later, the second course was served. Onto the platform stepped Ironsmile with her dwarven cronies. First, she offered the party to go free in exchange for Lariel's hide and a hundred gold peices each. Naturally, magic stones ensued and the meal was served hot. After several rounds of no victory on either side, the Winterqueens first and second consorts arrived to join the action. The vampire and the satyr asked for Wildarrow, and for her to return with them to the winterqueen, Stating she had betrayed her honour to defy the winterqueens wishes. This vampire then decided he was hungry, and bit down upon Jerrol Twigbeard until he encounted the two paladins of the group and many many threats later about the winterqueens wrath and taking the party infront of the congress of seasons if he was killed. In between all this, Ironsmile also ran away leaving her dwarven cronies behind.

Then, for the fourth and final course, appeared the hostess of the party herself; Prismia. She offered a lucrative sum of gold and to ressurect Marsh Stormwatcher if they would leave the operations of the Javian Alumni alone, revealing that the Horned alliance and the orcs were to march together upon the Eastern Empire, and the golden rennaisance was to wait in the shadows; more specifically, the Javian Alumni, the Fraternity of the Undying and most likely, the Winterqueen. Taking the rather nice deal, the party earnt some renown for their victory in one of the greatest bar fights of all time. However, Marsh Stormwatcher was not ressurected (she was pretty damm shifty about it).