After the party was traded for (insert name of dwarven mass murderer here), the winter queen led them to the fortress feyspire of Wintertree. Here, they discovered the terrible truth behind the shifting feyspire; the Winterqueen had enlisted the services of the Coven of the Undying to turn the tree into a lich, enabling it to draw its power from resdium rather than the soil. This gave the tree the power to evade the enemies of the Winterqueen. However, the party managed to uncover doppelgangers plotting to take control of the phylanctary(how is it spelled?), and a ravenkin apparently working with them to destroy it. The doppelgangers though, being under the pay of the Ironleaf Cluster, planned to use the phylanctary to march the tree south to where their forces could storm the tree and end the Winterqueen's activities against them. Doublecrossing the doublecrossers, the party played along with the doppelgangers ruse, and when the ravenkin was on their side they launched their attack, defeating the doppelgangers and taking the phylanctary to (the wise old druid). To restore life to the tree, Lariel Wolfsmoon burned the phylanctary and the party escaped in the confusion