Upon their arrival, the heroes find realmsend overrun by the 'Imperial Youth', with Elfsbane nowhere to be found. They discover he has become an ambassador to the dwarves, and after meeting with Lord Wintershield, the party was given a warrant for his arrest and to search Imperial League Premises (what were his crimes again, was it about what happened to us?). They began to interrogate the local youth, who gave them the name of the local recruiter, a dwarf by the name of Rednar who happened to be attempting to sell the party's previous acquisitions, much to his later displeasure. The groups equipment was returned, and it was revealed that there were occasional meets at the old base, and the current leader in Realmsend was Raynor, a female dwarf. However beleiving they were to storm the place again, they decided to come more prepared. First, they called in at Vellow Greyscrolls house, although he was quite displeased at the dissapearance of his son, Cid, and much of it was directed at Marsh Stormwatcher after he made a few ill comments. Deciding to not spend their gold, the party called in at Tilly Daggerscrolls Emporium to find it occupied by the Bloodfin Clan, and made potentional enemies by intimidating them out. Here they found their gold to be safe and a single smoke bomb. The gallant heroes then procured some hay and tried to smoke out the old base. However the fire was extinguished by a water pipe bursting and they discovered the place was empty, and only Elfsbane's 'treasure', fifty bottles of elven wine remained. Before the party had a chance to loot, Raynor and some of her Imperial League cronies arrived and the heroes attempted to hide with varying success. The encounter passed without violence and the party returned to report to Joran Wintershield for the feast, and discovered the possible location for the Imperial League's new hideout from Raynors Father, (something Anvilarms I think). Finding (anvilarms?) weapons cache beneath the catacombs, they attempted to lure Raynor away without a fight without success. However in the ensuing battle, they managed to defeat the Imperial League's machinations and take Raynor and her archers captive. They proceeded to loot the premises, and discovered a secret portal to an elven vineyard, patrolled by minotaur bodyguards.