After approximately five hundred years of peace, the first tremors of instability appeared. The kingdom of Bael Turath had been a dominant force before the empire, feared by its neighbours and respected by its enemies. Now however, it had lost a large share of its former authority under the power sharing system of the Empire.

The lineage of this kingdom still lived on in the governor of the Bael Turathian province. Her name was Vahala Strayvoice, and she dreamed of a beautiful suitor who came to her promising that her songs and daughters would be emperors like their forebearers should she marry him. Overcome with ambition and duly advised by her courtiers, she accepted. As promised the man gave her a son and a daughter, and begged for her to name them Asmodia and Asmodius.

Both children were seen as images of perfection by their mothers household. They were capable scholars and talented warriors, this all attributed to the Baroness's new consort who would tutor their children. However things changed when the two children murdered their mother and cut out her heart to forge a blood pact with their father, and transformed themselves into devils.

These two children became the first teiflings, and invoked a deal with the arch-devil himself to turn their trusted followers into teiflings themselves and summon legions of infernals from the nine hells. With this army, the two conquered the Empire and created their own, the Stravosian Empire. However, during this time the former Imperial household although dispossessed survived by taking refuge in the citadel of Mudershift and after a century of Stravosian leadership led the Empire in revolt.

In the resulting revolution, the Stravosian household was ruined, stripped of all noble titles and lands. Their grand imperial monuments built during their short tenure were abandoned and although peace was restored, the once mighty province of Straymoor was brought to its knees, split into two with half becoming Crownsgift and the tight nit fabric between the descendants of Bael Erathis was destroyed, weakening the successive dynasties.