The first emperor, the gold dragon Tarnaxys commanded a powerful army of dragonborn, and when he retired the army was left leaderless. Rather than disband, the Talons chose to stay loyal to their former leader and they pledged that when he returned they would continue to serve him. However, until then they would keep themselves fit and combat ready.

This promise is continued by the Talons today who act almost as a mercenary army for hire, they are dispersed all over the empire. With the bulk of the Imperial army lost in the Feywar the provinces have come to rely more and more on dragonborn mercenaries, who not only make up foot soldiers and grunts, but are often put into high ranking military positions such as captains, generals and advisors.

The Golden PactEdit

The golden pact is Tarnxays' promise, that he would return in the Empires hour of need. These dragonborn also swore a pact, which they compare to the one sworn by Tarnaxys, that goes along the lines of they will return to the service of the empire when it is needed most, which they judge to be when Tarnaxys returns. Every member of the Talons must make this vow, essentially a pledge to bear arms when the dragon emperor returns.

Members of NoteEdit

Due to the recent destruction of the emperial army and the new reliance on Talon mercenaries, the group has many dragonborn in critical military positions. As the members of the Talons are experienced veterans, they are often hired as officers, trainers and even commanders in military forces, and these high up dragonborn give the group far reaching influence. This also allows the grunts the breathing room to take up some contracts in the 'grey area'.

Wyrmfury CompanyEdit

Tarnaxys was not only served by dragonborn, but also fully fledged dragons. While many dispersed to seek their own fury after their gold dragon master departed, some chose to take up the golden pact. These dragons who stayed have taken a special role within the Talons, that of the most elite mercenaries and operatives. These dragons are known as Wyrmfury companies and can only be hired for missions at the highest price.