Approximately twenty years ago one of the worst wars in Imperial history began. After disputes with the elven province of Elfswood the emperor Tysis XIII went on a diplomatic mission to Summercourt, to resolve these issues. The feyspire was then transported back into the feywild, and there he was betrayed by the elves, who slew him and all of his entourage.

His grand Vizier Emanon then justly began a war for vengeance against the elves, which would drag on for another twenty years (so were playing at the very end of this war?). Leading an entire army, he disappeared into the Elfswood never to be seen again. However his son Tynon assumed the imperial throne and continued the war.

Although Tynon was much to young to yet make an effective military leader, he commanded the most disastorous battle in all the history of the Empire. Fifty thousand heavily armoured Imperial Knights were commanded to charge into the soft soiled forest beneath which near ten thousand elven snipers waited, hiding. The result was a massacre, the Empire's military capacity was effectively ruined and Tynon was forced to seek peace with the elves. For the price of peace, the elves damanded greater control over the province, which the emperor granted by delegating all imperial powers apart from the military to the new governing body, the Congress of Seasons.

Not only did the war cost the Empire the province of Elfswood, but also the province of Ironrange, who seized the oportunity to demand autonomy from the beleagured Empire. Tynon, being in no position to refuse their request, duly gave them what they asked, and they styled themselves as the Underflame Regency.